20 Craziest Country Borders On Earth

Some international borders are boring, demarcated by nothing more than a compass reading. But others are a bit more dramatic. These real photos of the spots where nations meet nations each tell a story.
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1. Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana
This is Mt. Roraima, a stunning triangular mountain that demarcates the boundaries of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana.

2. The United States and Canada
This is a building in Derby Line, a town that sprawls across both the American and Canadian sides of the border.
They keep their mayonnaise on the Canadian side.

3. Malaysia and Singapore
Malaysia and Singapore are connected by a freeway that spans across the water. If you look closely,
you can see that the quality of the road changes at the border.

4. West and East Berlin
While Berlin is no longer carved up into an Eastern and Western bloc, you can still see the old border from the air at night. Eastern Berlin used sodium light bulbs,
which give off a yellower light than the West’s halide bulbs.

5. Haiti and Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic (right) has more stringent environmental protection laws than Haiti (left).
This is readily apparent at the border, where the Dominican forest abruptly ends.

6. The United States and Mexico
This is the most frequently crossed border in the world.
It’s also the most dramatic wealth discrepancy between any two bordering nations other than Israel and Palestine.
America is on the left, Mexico on the right.

7. Macau and China
In China, you drive on the right side of the road, and in Macau, you drive on the left.
This posed a challenge to engineers, who developed this confusing but effective loop system to make the switch safely.

8. Argentina and Chile
This statue of Jesus is meant to symbolize peace between Argentina and Chile. It is in the Andes mountains.

9. Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay
The confluence of the Parana and Iguazu rivers form a natural separation between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

10. India and Pakistan
India and Pakistan have had a violently contentious relationship for a long time, and those tensions play out at the border.
Every day, when the flags are lowered, guards from both countries attempt to outperform one another in strange marches.

11. Spain and Portugal
If you want to cross the Spanish / Portugese border in style, why not take this zip line? It’s 2,362 feet long,
which is more than enough time for you to fish your passport out of your pocket.

12. North and South Korea
This photo was taken in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea,
where soldiers from both countries stand face to face.

13. Hungary, Austria and Slovakia
The borders of Hungary, Austria and Slovakia meet at a single point, adorned with this triangular picnic table.
It features beautiful views of some grass.

14. Brazil and Bolivia
Brazil is a more metropolitan, industrialized nation than Bolivia, and it s hows in the deforestation pictured above.
Brazil’s on the left, Bolivia’s on the right.

15. Norway and Sweden
This is possibly the most x-treme border in the world, which gets covered in gnarly powpow for many months out of the year.

16. The Northern and Southern Hemispheres
This is Middle of the Road Park, in Ecuador.
This line shows the division between the northern and southern hemispheres of the planet.

17. Spain and Morocco
This fence on the border of Spain and Morocco was built in the city of Cetua to prevent illegal immigration.

18. Greece and Turkey
The flags indicate which side of this bridge belongs to whom. Much like Malaysia and Singapore,
you can here notice a discrepancy in the quality of the road as it passes from one country into the other.

19. Bosnia and Croatia
This is a pretty stunning difference,
especially when you take into account the fact that the Croatian building looks like it’s riddled with bullet holes.

20. Netherlands and Belgium
This is the Baarle Nassau Frontier Cafe, that’s built literally on the Netherlands side of the border.
Some real culture shock when you take the step over into Belgium.

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