2014 Canadian Country Music Awards – PINK NOTIONS INC

Sept 1 – 7 ,2014 ;
We had so much fun here and enjoyed every minute of it! The Stars were definitely more than EXCITED to receive our PINK NOTIONS CELEBRITY GIFT BASKETS …It took Numerous people to be included to make this event a HIT !

STARTING FROM OUR CEO: Dawn Cooper Mckenny and Shawn Cockerill from PINK NOTIONS INC ,Wanda Lee Tuson from Wicked Works Spa, Alan Rose from Powerseed, Stacey Jane Allain from lil Big Gifts, Leanne Campbell Bailey from Lifes Little Luxuries, Suzie Bailey, Katherine Bullock from Tocara Jewellery, Cindy Woodthorpe from Arbonne, Randi Boulton, Stefanie Buga with Watkins…Thank you Everyone who participated in this Extremely Successful Event .

SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS AND NOMINEES OF THE 2014 CCMA AWARDS !!! It was Nice meeting :CCMA President Don Greene and his CCMA Organization Staff Paul Mcquire from CMT plus All of the Past Winners and Nominees and Country Radio Staff from around Canada!
**Not to forget to Mention all of the Fabulous People we spoke to in the OFFICIAL CCMA CELEBRITY GIFTING LOUNGE at Rexall…It was a Beautiful Event with Spectacular People .

We look forward to seeing you All in 2015 in Halifax at the Canadian Country Music Awards !


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