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I’ve been annoying my family and friends with these sounds for years… Figured it’s time I annoyed YouTube too! I kinda just set up my mic and camera and left it rolling for half an hour. These are some of the best takes IMO (about 95% of it was just me goofing off or making stupid comments. You know, just like in real life! XP)

And now, the links and credits! *it’s a Christmas miracle!*

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– — — —- Sound Effects —- — — –

Cougar (not the kind you’re thinking of)
Canadian Goose (eh)
Macaw Parrot
Raven (Mystique)
Duck (of the Mallard verity, sorry Donald)
Cow (pre-steak)
Chicken (pre-KFC)
Sheep (no, not the beep beep kind)
Goat (of the screaming verity)
Chimp (we’re practically twins)
Diesel Engine Idol
Backing Up (my daddy taught me good)
Jet Engine Starting
Fighter Jet
Bike Horn
Klaxon Horn (does anybody still know what that is?)
Water Drop
Phone on Vibrate (where did I heckin’ put it?!)
Twitter Refreshing (thanks for liking my pointless Tweet)
Ping Pong
Lightsaber (I WANT ONE)
Tie Fighter
Sci-Fi Power Down
Sci-Fi Epic Drop (in a world…)
Possession (I’m told I do this in my sleep)
Baby Crying
Skype Glitching (so, you know… a normal Skype call)
Harmony (the ability to hum & whistle both melody & harmony has been VERY handy!)
Mongolian Throat Singing (look it up!)

– — — —- End —- — — –

HELLLOOOOOO my DDR Friends!! (Dedicated Description Readers).
Quick question: how many of you came here from the easter egg in the white frame before the end of the video?…

For those of you who are new here, WELCOME! Usually, I’ll post a link to something going on behind the scenes, ask a few questions, or tell a story about something stupid I did. It’s my lazy alternative to Vlogging.

Speaking of stupid stories, I have one from this week!
I’m currently in Mississippi with my brother, Nathanael (Baasik). I came down so we could write some new music. It’s been going well, except for a small hiccup we had a few days ago. See, I brought a paraglider to teach him how to fly (he’s already a pilot, so I figured he’d learn quickly).

I don’t have my motor, so I attached him to a rope and pulled him into the air like a kite! (Here’s a picture: https://twitter.com/BlackGryph0n/status/935256254737510400 ).
All was going well until I decided that we needed to go higher… We found a big, grassy field, then I got in his car and (like an idiot) held the rope out the window and gently pressed the accelerator. (Now, keep in mind, this was after many flights over the course of a few days, so he already knew how to launch, fly, steer, prevent stalling, etc. We also had an emergency cutaway so we weren’t being COMPLETELY stupid, just a little… XP)

Anyway, long story short, the car jumped from 1st to 2nd rather violently and the sudden boost sent my brother rocketing into the sky! The rope (which was wrapped around my wrist) was yanked free, leaving several blisters, strains, and bruises (nothing broken, fortunately). Nate got the short end of the stick, though, as the sudden surge then loss of power sent him into a sharp, diving turn… straight into the powerlines…
Now, he handled the situation perfectly and managed to land underneath the lines himself but, unfortunately, the wing caught the bottom line and the leading edge got completely shredded. Thus, my Cross Country glider is no more… 🙁

ALL THAT SAID, I’m in the market for a new paraglider! Preferably a 24m, EN-B rated XC wing by Ozone… You know, if any of you happen to have one and would be willing to sell it. XP

OK!! That was long-winded… Thanks for reading! Now that the year is almost over, what’s the CRAZIEST thing that happened to you this year? (Put “2017” in your comment so I can find it more easily).

Love Y’all!!



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