Actually Good Chia Seed Pudding – 2 Ways

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35 Replies to “Actually Good Chia Seed Pudding – 2 Ways”

  1. I may try these! Like you, I think it should taste good, no matter what. For the coconut milk, are you referring to the type that is like the almond milk but made with coconut milk or the can that is used in Thai recipes?

  2. I remember making a chia seed pudding and leaving it overnight but the next day it was still liquidy and didnโ€™t have an actual solid shape. Is there too much chia seeds or too much milk that makes it liquid?

  3. Love chia puddings. No doubt the peanut butter and chocolate one is delicious, but at over 600 calories, it definitely wouldn't be a go-to breakfast for me. Would be amazing as a weekend treat through.

  4. Is it just me or the famous make up artist Farrah dukhai aka farsali uploaded โ€œ her recipe of chia puddingโ€ and she used the exact amount and the exact amount. And she considered this recipes as hers

  5. Hi! Great recipes since Iโ€™m in Keto. I went to your page and didnโ€™t find the recipe and I will like the exact measurements so they can come out perfectly like yours. Thanks!

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