Alton Brown Makes a Waffled Chicken Sandwich and Chicken Soup | Worst Cooks in America

Alton makes a toasty chicken sandwich in a waffle iron, plus a quick-as-can-be chicken soup to go along with it!

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35 Replies to “Alton Brown Makes a Waffled Chicken Sandwich and Chicken Soup | Worst Cooks in America”

  1. I love the way he broke down every component of the chicken soup to where it's easy to understand and substitute for things that we have. I've actually never heard it simplified in this way. I'd love for other cooks to simplify dishes like this

  2. Life's too short to waste time counting peppercorns. But also too short to waste on a gross soup. I just can't imagine boiling all that food just to discard it…. only to use the chicken skins of all things.

  3. When Alton said "Chicken Skin Sandwich", I felt it in my soul. That's like God giving you a love tap on the shoulder and saying life is alright. I swear I heard birds chirping when I started watching this.Thank you!!!

  4. bay leaves (Laurus nobilis) and eucalyptus (Eucalyptus spp.) are not in the same family. bay leaves are Lauraceae, while eucalyptus is in the Myrtaceae family.

  5. Alton Brown basically demanding applause at the end perfectly sums up the disconnect between The Food Network and people actually interested in food and cooking. Food Network talent think they're culinary Gods while real chefs that make real, unedited food are literally being forgotten.

    The Food Network has KILLED true culinary curiosity.

  6. I don't care how long you've been watching Alton Brown… a proper stock is NOT done in a pressure cooker. If you're going to take the time to make a homemade stock, be willing to cook it low and slow for a MINIMUM of 10 hours. 24 hours is best. Yes it's a lot of shitty babysitting but that extra effort will make a 3 Michelin star stock compared to a 60 minute pressure cooker stock that tastes like a $1 can of store broth.

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