Alton’s Good Eats Beef Stew | Food Network

Searing and slow-roasting beef brings out maximum flavor for Alton’s stew.

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37 Replies to “Alton’s Good Eats Beef Stew | Food Network”

  1. Can't believe people are complaining here. I followed the video almost to a T (but I cubed up some chuck pot roast that was on sale cheap) and it was the best stew I ever made. Rave reviews from the entire family.

  2. I made made this beef stew the other day. It was a huge hit. The only thing I did was cook potatoes, celery, onions,and carrots in the crockpot with more of the sauce for the 4 hours while the meat braised in the oven. I threw the meat in the fridge to cool and threw the juices straight into the crockpot… Then threw the meat in.Also used a little cumin.

  3. I used hamburger because I'm poor, and tried to leave it chunky while I browned it. Cut the spices, vinegar, Worcester and salt in half and added 3 tablespoons of soy sauce. Omitted the onion and replaced with 5 cloves of garlic and a stick of sliced celery. So good!

  4. I miss the full episodes I used to be able to watch on YouTube from third parties (nudge), but I'm glad the meat and potatoes (HAH, I LOVE MYSELF TOO MUCH) of some of the episodes is available through FN's channel.

  5. My only problem with some of Alton's video is that he keeps using a bare hand to grab (supposedly) hot foil packages from an oven. I know that most of these are "precooked to skip cooking time but it's a bad habit to develop on a cooking show.

  6. I'm Suprised he doesn't eat the gristle and bone marrow. Perhaps it's since where I come from, South Korea, we usually eat everything on and in the bone. Though in a beef stew I can understand why he removed them.

  7. i like the meat being really tender and with little ones its easier for them to eat….. just take ur fav cut of beef roast a few cloves of garlic, an onion diced large and some salt and pepper and 3 cups water bake it for 2 hours in a cooking bag ….. undo the tie on the bag afterwards then add carrots onion potatoes celery andd a bit more salt and tie back up and cook for another hour. after its done drain the drippings into a sauce pan and bring to a boil and mix 4tablespoons of cornstarch cornstarch into a small amout of water pour the cornstarch mix in the boiling dripping and wix until thick. pour over meat and veggies and people love it …… all cooks in the oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit

  8. Food Network: Please stop chopping up the episodes! You cannot follow these recipes in the form they are in (you keep cutting out parts of the method), and you cut out all the education and humour that makes Alton Brown more than just another TV cook.

  9. Aluminum oxide forms a very thin layer that is extremely resistant to heat… Alton is right by saying the acid will take a lot of time to dissolve the metal… actually I think it would take years not months (the oxide layer has acidic character in water it becomes acidic but the whole set of reactions to happen would take a lot each)

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