Alton’s Spaghetti and Meat Sauce | Food Network

“Italian” spaghetti with meat sauce is actually an all-American classic.

This video is part of Good Eats, hosted by Alton Brown.

Pop culture, comedy, and plain good eating: host Alton Brown explores the origins of ingredients, decodes culinary customs and presents food and equipment trends. Punctuated by unusual interludes, simple preparations and unconventional discussions, he’ll bring you food in its finest and funniest form.

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24 Replies to “Alton’s Spaghetti and Meat Sauce | Food Network”

  1. If you don't have the spice pouch,. A cheap way to make one is some twine and a disposable coffee filter. Place the spices in the coffee filter, tie it up using the twine. Once it's used up, toss the entire thing directly into the trash.

  2. The problem with making spaghetti sauce from scratch is the labor and the time and the cost. Just getting a jar of Preggo/Ragu/etc cuts that cooking time by a lot.

    I do want to try this one of these days as an experiment but I doubt I'll just drop the straight from the jar method.

  3. I realize this is an old video from Good Eats, however….Italians would never put a meat sauce (bolognese sauce) over spaghetti this is a North American thing. What was made was very close to a traditional Bolognese, adjusted for Americans that would typically open a jar of shitty sauce or can of Chef Boyardee. For those that crap on something before trying it, you must live pretty boring lives living in that little bubble of what's familiar.

  4. Sounds good but also very complicated… Maybe if my profession was in the culinary arts I might see this as practice or training, but it's not so I just see it as extra work.

  5. Wow first I thought I was crazy for criticising this or thinking of this recipe as a "poor man's overly-exaggerated bolognese with ketchup" but I see most people share the same opinion. Gentlemen, welcome to the elite cook's club!

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