Baja Fish Tacos

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  1. You're using the lime/lemon squeezer wrong, cut the ends of the lemon/lime and then cut it in half put the cut half to the bulb, the bulb part goes into the flesh part like when you use an orange squeezer you put the cut side to the bulb. Just a helpful hint, I know, most people use it like this. BTW great recipe, thank you!

  2. This looks amazing! Fish tacos are definitely high up on my list but I never get them or make them. I got way too invested in dieting about 6 years back and I need to overcome that lol. 😧
    Thank you!

  3. Hi Laura! I'm wondering if you've tried Mexican Creama instead of regular sour cream? Its definatly a game changer in sour creams. Creama is creamy, salty, cheesy the absolute best on tacos, and mostly all Mexican foods! Ciao Bella πŸ˜πŸ’ž

  4. Hi Laura! Love your videos. Funny you post this video today, I live in Tijuana, BAJA California, MΓ©xico, and I had fish tacos for breakfast, nothing like yours but yours look interesting. IΒ΄ll try your sauce, love chipotle. Tfs.

  5. Secret ingredient is mustard in the batter! My husbands family all make seafood in Baja and everyone uses mustard in their batter just like a table spoon and you need Pico de Gallo on top!

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