Basic Beef Burger – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 176

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  1. For Cooking watch them, Not like a hawk.. but when the cooked color is about a 1/4 way up the sides (medium well) flip and repeat.. for medium well to well let the cooked color get from 1/2 way to 3/4 way up the meat then flip and let cook til full cooked color let the burger rest 3 mins.

  2. Also if you buy the burger meat or chuck store bought, hand separate it so it is loose and them form your patty(ies) this will allow you to loose pack it better. And provide for a juicier burger…. just some advice.

  3. first off never pack the burger or over work the meat. 2. if you don't over pack them you wont have the center puffing. 3. use the lettuce on the bottom bun to prevent it from becoming soggy. 4. adding the salt and pepper makes 0 difference to the crusting if it is mixed in the chuck, after the burger is formed and grilling yes it will form a crusting that is divine. The rest is preference. Enjoy

  4. Hi, looked at all your burger recipes – I was so excited on one recipe that you mixed the mayo & ketchup – thought I was the only one – now on this recipe you say you dont like to use mayo or catcup  ??????

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