Basque (Burnt) Cheesecake

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32 Replies to “Basque (Burnt) Cheesecake”

  1. Looks yummy. I wish you would show what it looks like coming out of the oven so we can see the amount of jiggle when it is done. That is one thing that video can show that written or verbal recipes cannot. It is also something that is difficult to understand for people like me who have never made it before.

  2. Mine didn’t turn out like yours , it was so cracked. I’m waiting for it to cool so hopefully it still tastes good. I didn’t have a springform pan so I used a regular deep cake pan

  3. I watched this video on Friday and baked this cheesecake today. My family and neighbors loved it. This was easy to prepare and bake, and easy to enjoy. I do have a few questions. Maybe someone can answer. Why does receipe call for parchment paper. I think the cheescake would have been fine with just springform pan. I assume the flour added just before it goes into oven is to tighten up the batter; am I correct with this assumption?

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