Battleford milkman among last of ‘dying breed’

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It’s 4:45 a.m. in Battleford. Even the roosters aren’t up – but for milkman Brad McLeod it’s time to get to work, delivering his product to homes and businesses.

“It’s a dying breed, but you have to try to bring it back. Not a bad living, not going to starve to death, I don’t think.”

McLeod is one of only a few milkmen left in the province. He took over the route 18 years ago and has built up a customer list of 150 people.

“It’s kind of nice that they stayed with me that long. I guess I can’t be that bad of a guy.”

McLeod rarely sees his customers, but that didn’t stop one of them from nominating him as a CTV Hometown Hero.

“It humbles me. It makes me feel proud, makes you feel worthy, I guess, that you’re not doing too bad a job.”

McLeod’s job brings with it certain challenges such as icy steps and angry dogs protecting their territory – but one other instance sticks out.

“One lady many years ago was falling behind on her milk bill. She was a nice lady, just didn’t have any money. She wanted to pay me with unisex pants. I declined the offer.”

The milkman said while he appreciated his nomination, he doesn’t do the job for the recognition. He does it because he enjoys being his own boss, making others’ lives easier and the relaxation that comes with cruising around in his sweet milk truck.

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