BBC News 1990s Intros

BBC News intros from the 1990s (1993-97) from when the Beeb had the virtual studio. Which were in various shades of blue depending on what time of day the bulletins were broadcast. There was slight variations on each bulletin as well.

This was the first time the BBC adapted more or less a corporate look on its news bulletins, thus making the BBC News a sub-brand within the Corporation.

The theme tunes all varied on the bulletins, and they continued from what were on the previous ones (e.g. Breakfast and Six O’ Clock News). The majority of them were tweaked though. Probably so not to alienate viewers with the new-look studio at the time as well. All bulletins had the spinning globe and the BBC’s Coat of Arms.

The clips are in order from AM to PM.

1st. BBC Breakfast News
2nd. One O’ Clock News
3rd. Short News Bulletins
4th. Six O’Clock News
5th. Weekend News Bulletins
6th. Nine O’ Clock News (also used for late news in the weekends)


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