Beautiful – Addison Locke – Breakfast Television Video Aired April 6, 2010

This video was recorded at CTV on Breakfast Television, 2010,

Born and raised in Lunenburg county Nova Scotia. Addison Locke now resides on his Cashmere goat farm on the north shore of Pictou County. Addison has been entertaining audiences throughout the region and beyond since 1984. Performing comes naturally. Addison says, “There are just so many stories to be told”.
For twenty-six years he has honed his singing and writing skills to where he has become a valued story teller and a song smith second to no one in the business.
Ten years in the Pictou County Male Chorus, as well as, a stint in the Tatamagouche Area Singers and numerous stage musical theatrical performances has assured Addison a solid understanding of his vocal capability. While singing in the now defunct Pictou Male Chorus, a very well known Nova Scotia choral group, Addison had occasion to sing solo renditions in the nation’s capitol of Ottawa helping the group receive standing ovations and critical praise.
In 1996 Addison was noticed by Nashville insiders and invited to this USA country music capital. Although he chose not to, Addison was invited to stay and work through many showcase performances and write with other young songwriters throughout the US. Addison says, “After recording and performing in that great city, (at The Nashville Cantina and Cattleman’s Club), I found that I could not allow myself to be solely fixed on the ‘country’ music genre. I am east coast Canadian, I am light rock, I am spiritual, I am folk music and I am country music. Also, it became clear the Nashville option would end up costing a lot of money with no clear avenues for success. Together these were great reasons to come back home, pay my dues and write from my Nova Scotia soul. The music arts energy in Nova Scotia is second to none. I love being part of this scene”.
Addison has recorded in Nashville, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia and began offering full length concerts in 2008 after launching his first long playing CD titled. “Addison Locke…What Have You Done”.
Addison is honoured to have recorded his CD in the Dave Gunning Studios together with Dave who he admires as perhaps the hardest working musician in Canada. Addison, like Dave, knows that the key to joy in the music industry is found ‘on the ground’ singing for live audiences. Addison holds to his idea that the finest artists are also fine people filled with spirituality and genuine affection and respect for their fans.
The fundamental truth about people often translates into funny songs, (songs like, Never Too Sick For BINGO). Sometimes the truth translates into deep songs such as “My Old Man” or fun songs like “I Pay My Rent when it comes due”.
This album has allowed Addison to offer amazing two hour shows featuring his songs mixed with other carefully selected popular songs.
Addison’s shows are more than music though. The concerts are filled with stories and laughter. Quiet and humble by nature, Addison offers sincere and wildly true stories about where his songs originate and the characters that inspired them.
Those who attend Addison’s live concerts leave his shows knowing him and leave feeling that he genuinely loves each one of them. They discover the true depth of his character and spiritual energy.
Addison entertains with stories and laughter, “Between my songs. I love to offer laughter. Mostly I laugh at myself and the colourful characters that surrounded both my childhood and my life today. I love to tease my mom and my sisters, as well as, my wife Christina who is so tolerant of my obsession with entertaining”.
When asked, what does he offer that perhaps is not in other great acts? Addison explains: “I think that what separates me from some other entertainers is first, I truly love my audience and second, every song I sing has real and genuine meaning for me. If a song fails to move me I cannot sing it… even if I wrote it”.

Eric Jollymore
Fan and friend.


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