Berry Crisp Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 393

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28 Replies to “Berry Crisp Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 393”

  1. Hey Laura, I m in love with you n ur recipes. I have tried many of your dessert recipes and all have come out well. For this one I would like to know if you can increase the proportion of oats to 1 cup n decrease flour to half cup?

  2. My boyfriend fell MADLY in love with this dessert. He asked for the recipe, curious to know what was put into it. He was amazed when he found out it was few basic ingredients, and he said he'd like to bake it with me sometimes. There's nothing like loving in the kitchen! This was FANTASTIC!

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  4. Love . Please help. I have ms. And I am going blind. 🙁 I am 17 and a normal life was taken. Please support ms till a cure is found. Ty and god bless and may a good life ahead for u waits.

  5. As a fan of food tv, I must say you are awesome at what you do. You need to be on food network or the cooking channel so that more people can see how talented you are. I woulf definetely watch your show.

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