Breaking News – Man receives text message from wife shot in Las Vegas

It is perhaps the most frightening text message one can ever receive from a loved one.‘I’ve been shot, I love you so much.’That is the text message that a Canadian man received from his wife who was among the more than 500 people wounded in Sunday night’s massacre in Las Vegas.‘It scared the hell out of me,’ Joseph Lambourne of Teulon, Manitoba, told CTV News in Canada of the text message he received from his wife, Jan.Jan Lambourne and her friend, Jody Ansell of Stonewall, Manitoba, were among those in attendance at the country music concert a few hundred yards from the Mandalay Bay resort.Ansell was shot in the arm, while Jan Lambourne sustained a bullet wound to her abdomen.She was rushed to hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery.Though initially listed in critical condition, she has since been upgraded to stable.Ansell remains in hospital, though she will not need surgery.Joseph Lambourne was at work in Saskatchewan, which is over 300 miles away from Teulon, when his sister-in-law phoned him at midnight with the grim news.After speaking with his sister-in-law, his phone began to display the horrific text messages from his wife.Joseph Lambourne immediately left work and returned home for Teulon. He booked a flight to Las Vegas early Tuesday.‘She says she heard three or four pops at the beginning and her and her friend thought they were setting off fireworks,’ he said.‘Then there was more pops she thought “oh yeah somebody’s playing with firecrackers” and then she said everybody started running.’Friends in Teulon tied balloons to Jan Lambourne’s hair salon where she works.When asked about his wife’s prognosis, Joseph Lambourne said it’s too soon to say.‘I just want to get her and get back,’ he said.
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