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The country music is a mixture of traditional music developed primarily in the Southeastern United States and the Maritime Provinces of Canada, which evolved rapidly in 1920 and remains very popular today. Different variations of the genre have also emerged in other countries such as Australia. Country music, which has millions of enthusiasts around the world but especially in the United States, in Canada and Australia, also enjoys some popularity in Europe, especially in Ireland, in the Scandinavian countries and Germany. Many festivals of music and dance are devoted to it worldwide.

It also happens that the country is “white blues”, although it started as a music shared by black and white musicians at a time when the blues records and country (or hillbilly ) were not dramatically different from one another: it was music sharing social, family and religious of the little people. Thereafter, alongside the blues and rhythm and blues, blacks, the country has greatly influenced contemporary popular music, especially the rock.

The city of Nashville, in Tennessee, is the symbolic heart of country music. It owes its nickname “Music City” in many recording studios and the quality of its musicians. The scene of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville still represents the pinnacle of a career for country artists. The country musicians starting in 1939, to record hillbilly music titles on a tempo boogie-woogie, he knows its heyday during the decade before the advent of rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll. This new influence in the world gives birth to the country hillbilly boogie, or okie boogie (later named country boogie). One of the key songs of this period is the Freight Train Boogie the Delmore Brothers, now considered the combined evolution of country music and blues to rockabilly.

The Truck driving country is a subgenre of country music derived from the fusion of honky tonk, the country rock and Bakersfield sound 21. We find the tempo country rock and emotion of the music honky tonk, with lyrics on the road lifestyle. Among the artists of this style referents, we can see Dave Dudley, Red Sovine, Roy Drusky, Colonel Robert Morris, Dick Curless and Red Simpson. Dudley is known as the father of the genre truck driving country 22. It is said that the first song was the genre Truck driver’s blues in 1939 by Moon Mullican.

In Nashville, artists try out music record companies hand by proposing a return to the roots (less pop) and form an alternative scene called alt-country or alternative country. Among these, we must mention Steve Earle, BR5-49, Robbie Fulks, Wilco, Son Volt and The V-Roys. A scene very close to the Americana.

In 2007, Underwood won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist and became the first country artist in ten years to win this award. Underwood also became the seventh woman to win Entertainer of the year for the Academy of Country Music Awards, and the first woman in history to win Entertainer of the Year for the Academy of Country Music Awards twice twice consecutively. Underwood’s debut album, Some Hearts, was not only the first fastest-selling album by a country artist in history, but is classified by number one country album of the 2000-2009 decade.

The Canada may have been after the United States the biggest fanbase and country music artists. Canadian country music comes from the Atlantic provinces as a popular Celtic folk music came from Irish and Scottish immigrants. However, there are traditional country artists across Canada. The country music has always been popular in Australia. There is a wide range of models: bluegrass and yodellings to more pops. Australia has a long tradition of country music that developed in a pattern quite different from the US because influenced by Celtic folk ballads and traditional ballads “Bush” Australian poets such as Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson.

In the US, there are other Australian country artists well known as Sherrié Austin and Keith Urban, but the Australian country music developed a unique style in which the main representatives are Lee Kernaghan and Adam Brand, Kasey Chambers and Sara Storer. Country music was also a particularly popular form of music for the Australian Aborigines. As indigenous singers include Troy Cassar-Daley, Kev Carmody and Archie Roach.

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