Candy Corn on Unwrapped | Food Network

Get the low-down on candy corn, the Halloween icon in the world of sweets.

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40 Replies to “Candy Corn on Unwrapped | Food Network”

  1. Do not eat candy corn
    The marshmallows are made out of gelatin and some other weird stuff
    The vanilla flavor is made out of beavers butts stuff
    It may look good but seeing how all those ingredients are made you would think twice about your next mouthful of candy corn

  2. I was eating candy corn while watching this and I got a little scared when they mentioned the "unbelievable secret ingredient." I thought it was going to be something gross! I already knew it was made with marshmallow fluff.

  3. "

    @ItsSheepyTime You can buy candy corn at a store with something called "money." You'll have to get yourself to this "store" using an "automobile." Let me know if you need anymore help. "
    Or a bus (or get someone to drive you). Or a biki, truck motorcycle or walking.

  4. I like Candy Corn but find I can only eat about 15 pieces before I feel sick. Then it sits on the shelf for 2 weeks before I remember I bought it, turning hard, then I throw it away. : (

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