Caramel Sauce – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 204

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45 Replies to “Caramel Sauce – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 204”

  1. Evaporated or condensed milk will also work as a replacement for the cream. I have tried and it still tastes amazing as long as you don't burn the sugar. WATCH IT CAREFULLY

  2. The video and the recipe said 2 different things. So I wasn't sure if I should cook the sugar on medium high or medium low and I started out on medium high and then looked at the recipe and it said medium low and so I turned it to medium low and it took twice as long to cook and it came out looking right but has a slight burn taste to it :/ using someone else's recipe next time…

  3. Laura this screwed me over. Your website says to first put the heat down and then turn it up, but in the video you say to keep the heat on medium high and then turn down to medium low after the sugar dissolves. Idk which one to follow! Please fix this.

  4. I usually don't but I managed to mess up this recipe..What could be the explanation why sth curdled in my caramel sauce? It's not smooth like honey, it's rather watery/with curdles in it? 😕 Help
    Yes, could you please put metric measures next to US measures in your recipes, I seem to mess up there..

  5. I made this just now and it taste so good and I love your channel so much everything just follow your instructions and it came out so yummy at first try thank you so much

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