Carrot Cake Bars Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 465

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  1. I made this today was a hit, I didn't serve the frosting with it the cake stood out by itself, i also baked it in a 9 by 13 pan, no orange zest and made it lower fat by replacing the oil with applesauce so I used one cup applesauce and it was moist and it's almost gone 😃

  2. Hi laura! I would like to make this but don't know the pumpkin pie spice recipe. You said it's on your website, i looked but it's not coming up?? Help!! Xx

  3. Her recipes looks easy. But, she doesnt give the ingredients amount. You have to go to another site to get the recipe. I ttried twice to get a recipe ingredients but i couldnt so showing how to do it with the amount is a damn waste of time. You need to rethink your video's. Whats so hard about giving when you call the ingredients. Unless you really dont want us to have them.

  4. Hi Laura my name is Michael from Scotland. I have a recipe for pure vanilla paste which is cheaper and tastier than store bought and it uses the whole vanilla bean. You can buy vanilla beans online in bulk real cheap.Take 6 fresh gourmet A grade vanilla beans such as Indian/Tonga/Madagascan/Mexican etc whatever tickles your fancy. heat 100g water + 100g sugar just until a syrup is formed. Once cooled blend the syrup and vanilla beans in a blender until smooth and your done! Store in jar. Enjoy.

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