Chopped After Hours: Late-Night Food Brawl | Food Network

Chefs Geoffrey Zakarian, Scott Conant and Maneet Chauhan take a basket filled with late-night snacks and create unforgettable desserts.

#Chopped Tuesdays @ 10|9c

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24 Replies to “Chopped After Hours: Late-Night Food Brawl | Food Network”

  1. I love how nonchalant Geoffrey is in the after hours. he knows it's all for fun and he doesn't need the validation because he knows he's an amazing cook. he makes what he wants, and he makes it phenomenally, and if it happens to only minimally use one of the basket ingredients, he doesn't even care

  2. Its really nice to hear them talk about each others dishes. I wonder if they ever say anything negative IF there was ever anything negative to say. Thats a huge if.

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