Chopped After Hours: Redemption | Food Network

Chopped judges Aaron, Amanda and Marcus cook with vegan lobster and chop suey.

#Chopped Tuesdays @ 10|9c

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26 Replies to “Chopped After Hours: Redemption | Food Network”

  1. Really not impressed with the poking fun at vegan food. If the challenge is vegan lobster why would they be allowed to use meat. Im vege and i love this show but this actually grinds my gears.

  2. I can’t imagine being a camera operator on set and smelling that amazing food all the time. The free smells would kill me. I drool as it is at home just watching let alone actually smelling it. OMG.

  3. One thing that differentiate between professional chefs and just a self-proclaimed chefs are their cleanliness…i watched chopped a lot and the competitors really messed up their stations while these judges kept their stations clean and tidy all spilled food whatsoever..

  4. I would have tried to make a play on a lobster roll, make a lobster salad with the faux lobster and hot mustard, serve it on a warm roll with a sautéed wintermelon slaw with apples, as well as a bit of fried crispy chopped suey hidden in the roll.

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