Concerns raised around culling disposal after dead dogs found in ditch

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A CN worker raised concerns after he discovered the bodies of several dogs next to a bridge outside of the Town of Runnymede.

The bodies of 11 dogs had been left beside the rail tracks. The dogs were a variety of breeds and appeared to be a variety of ages.

A Kamsack RCMP investigation led them to Cote First Nation.

“[The Cote Band Council] said that it was actually someone from the reserve that was hired to dispose of the dogs,” Sgt. Meagan Stringfellow told CTV News.

She said that the dog corpses weren’t considered suspicious.

A representative of Cote First Nation stressed that the contractor did not properly fulfill his contract.

“He said he was going to dispose of them. I had no idea he was taking them that way,” Cote First Nation health director Darlene Bryant, said.

Though declaring the disposal improper, Bryant underscored that removal of the dogs was necessary. She said that many dogs have been abandoned and left at Cote First Nation and that they were becoming a health hazard.

“Our children couldn’t walk even to the youth centre without the dogs attacking them or scaring them,” Bryant said.

The deceased dogs had first been spotted by CN personnel on March 18. Alex Husack with CN told CTV News the sight of the dogs became a regular occurrence for crews.

Bryant said that the contractor will not be used again and that the dogs will be properly disposed by Wednesday.

She also said that Cote First Nation was now also looking for a partnership with a shelter to ensure that a similar incident never happens again.

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