Controversial U.S. education secretary cancels visit to Ontario

News source from CTV News

TORONTO – U.S. President Donald Trump’s education secretary has cancelled a planned visit to Ontario to learn about its public school system.

News of Betsy DeVos’ visit had angered teachers’ groups and unions, who said she prioritizes the needs of private schools over the public system.

She advocates for school choice, which includes vouchers that allow kids to attend charter schools — which are publicly funded but privately operated — or private schools on the public dime.

A spokesman for Ontario’s education minister says the trip — listed on DeVos’ weekly itinerary for Thursday and Friday — is cancelled due to “scheduling conflicts.”

Richard Francella says Ontario looks forward to welcoming her at a more convenient time.

DeVos has also attracted protests recently for revoking a guidance that instructed colleges on how to handle sexual assault cases, saying the previous policy was unfairly skewed against those accused of assault, and for the department of education rolling back rules allowing transgender students to use school restrooms of their choice.

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