Corn on Corn on Corn: Foodie Call with Justin Warner

Justin Warner and Kyle Cameron, of Los Tacos No. 1, take on corn, head-to-head, as they create an epic taco using 12 varieties of the ingredient. Justin demonstrates just how dynamic corn can be, from creamed corn and corn salsa to “cornfetti” and huitlacoche.

Caution: video is extremely corny.

Shot on location at Do or Dine –

Justin on Twitter: @EatFellowHumans

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5 Replies to “Corn on Corn on Corn: Foodie Call with Justin Warner”

  1. Nixtamalization also frees up niacin, making the corn healthier. As for corn flakes, they aren't really the "original crispy thing," since parched corn would predate corn flakes. But a lot of fun. (And if you really want to know all about corn, may I suggest the book Midwest Maize: How Corn Shaped the U.S. Heartland — all the history, from Oaxaca to the world and finally to the Corn Belt.)

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