Creamy Cajun Turkey Pasta (Thanksgiving Leftovers!)

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25 Replies to “Creamy Cajun Turkey Pasta (Thanksgiving Leftovers!)”

  1. I waited for you to actually post the recipe so I could use up my thanksgiving leftovers but you never did. I had to go with a different recipe. What a shame. If you are developing a recipe specifically for thanksgiving leftovers, you should ideally post it within a couple days after thanksgiving so it's actually useful. Just an honest feedback

  2. You Italians cook with butter and put cheese on and in everything! Come on!!! You will not live a hundred years if you continue this way. And I do think you need to lose weight Laura. You are quite chubby.

  3. Laura!!! I made your stuffed, rolled turkey breast/gravy and potatoes gratin for Thanksgiving!!! I followed them to the letter and GIRL!!!!!! My whole family thinks I’m a gourmet chef now! They were both a HIT. People raved!!!! And the leftovers taste even better!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy I tried something new!!!!!!!!!!

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