Do you dare listen to this nearly 10-hour long Christmas song?

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Published Thursday, December 6, 2018 3:17PM EST

Last Updated Thursday, December 6, 2018 3:21PM EST

If you thought Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmas Time” was the most cringe-worthy holiday tune to assault your ears every year, you probably haven’t heard “The 179 Days of Christmas” yet.

The song is nine hours and 58 minutes long and is a take on the classic hit “The 12 Days of Christmas,” but with, you know, 167 more days tacked on.

After the repetitive song reaches the 12th day of Christmas and the singer’s true love has given them “12 drummers drumming,” the lyrics take a turn and the gifts become increasingly bizarre.

Case in point, the gift on the 13th day of Christmas is “13 comfy cushions” and on the 30th day it’s “30 broken babies.” Some other gems include “28 leaking retinas,” “113 texts from my mother,” “112 calls from my mother,” “15 fingers bending,” “90 rowdy housewives,” “70 unpaid interns,” and “92 plant-based options.”

The hilariously torturous rendition also includes a guitar solo in the middle of the song for good measure — because it clearly wasn’t long enough.

The song — or endurance challenge? — is the creation of Toronto residents Aj Ing and Joren Cull. The pair wrote and performed the song in an animated YouTube video uploaded on Nov. 27.

In a press release, Ing said they had this “crazy idea” to try and create the world’s longest Christmas song or “masterpiece” as they described it. At nearly 10 hours long, it seems like they might have a winner with “The 179 Days of Christmas.”

For those who really, really love Christmas or for those who really, really hate it and want others to hate it too, “The 179 Days of Christmas” may just be the perfect song for you… if you can get through it, that is.

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