Drag icon Allysin Chaynes wants to be your new overlord

Watch the first episode of Canada’s a Drag, where our country’s drag performers sashay into the spotlight.

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When we asked Allysin Chaynes how she’d like to be described in this article, this was her response: “Allysin promises to be a benevolent and fair overlord once the uprising comes and the world is hers.”

If only we could someday be so lucky. A world run by Chaynes would likely resemble a supersized version of the West End Toronto drag community she has become such a staple of. Alongside her drag family House of Filth — an alternative performing arts collective also featuring Judy Virago, Igby Lizzard, Nancy Bocock, Champagna and Dottie Dangerfield — there would most certainly be a new world order of fabulosity.

“Drag taught me a huge amount about body confidence and things like that,” Chaynes says. “When you are able to control exactly the way you want your body to look and be perceived by a bunch of people — that’s insanely powerful.”

Chaynes, who grew up just outside of Toronto, says that for someone who spent their childhood being made fun of for their weight, the idea of taking their chest, taping it together and making it bigger is a pretty substantial act of empowerment.

“It’s all kind of a big fuck you to anyone who thinks that there’s any sort of wrong body.”

Imagine that as an ideology behind a world uprising?

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Drag icon Allysin Chaynes wants to be your new overlord


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