Duchess Potatoes

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45 Replies to “Duchess Potatoes”

  1. Laura I love your channel. I wonder if you might someday do a video on how to start your own Cooking Channel. What would somebody like me need to know? I think it would be really fascinating. Just a suggestion!

  2. Rather than garlic, could one boil other aromatics with the potatoes? Maybe several sprigs of tarragon or rosemary? Or a combination of sage, rosemary and thyme if they were served with chicken?

  3. Hi Laura looks good. I would like to see a comption about eggs. Hard boiled and deviled can you call restraunts to challange them to a cook of in the park. Round 1
    Hard boiled eggs and then round 2
    deviled eggs.I would like to see this do you think it might be possibly?

  4. Hi Laura, I've been following your channel for many, many years now and love every second of it. I always know that when I get an alert that there will be an awesome recipe waiting, instead of whatever challenge is popular on YouTube. My daughter and I think you're amazing. Lots of love from London xxx

  5. I am diabetic. These are great form of potatoes because they can be chilled, then baked later. This process renders the potatoes more starch resistant and thereby do not raise glucose levels unduly. Cannot wait to make these.

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