Duff’s Chocolate-Dipped Maple and Brandy Cream Jellies

Duff Goldman creates candies from holiday food basket ingredients. Maple and brandy cream jellies are coated in chocolate, then covered with chopped pecans. Inspired by the Holiday Baking Championship.

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5 Replies to “Duff’s Chocolate-Dipped Maple and Brandy Cream Jellies”

  1. I just made these and they are delicious. The amount of gelatin seemed like a lot. If it is meant that the four envelopes are to be divided between the top and bottom layers then it is about right. But in the video Duff used 4 envelopes just for the maple layer. And it seems four more envelopes for the brandy layer.  I went for the 4 envelopes total and they came out very firm. The plastic wrap and parchment paper didn't work for me. The parchment floated so I took it out. Then the plastic seemed to be coming up into the maple layer so I removed it. I opted for foil instead. It worked great. The taste in the end makes these hard to stop eating.

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