Earthquake puts fright into people living near Miramichi

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People around Miramichi were still rattled Thursday after being shaken by an earthquake Wednesday night.

It was a minor quake, only magnitude 3.0, but it gave some people quite a scare.

Chad St. Onge and his partner Ryan Ward were at home when the earthquake hit just after 11 Wednesday night

They were startled and unaware at what had just taken place.

“Either somebody broke in or my roof caved in,” St. Onge said.

Earthquakes Canada confirms the 3.0 magnitude quake happened in an area about 23 kilometres west of Miramichi.

“I was surprised because we don’t usually get earthquakes that often in this area,” said Chief Tony Lloyd of the Miramichi Fire Department.

St. Onge said it felt like a bomb had just gone off in his house.

“You couldn’t help but just get up and feel terrified by the feeling,” said St. Onge.

He and Ward weren’t the only ones alarmed. Social media began to light up with questions and concerns all around.

“Everyone’s statuses started pouring in ‘did you feel that? What was that bang?’” said Ward.

Some comments reply: “wondering the same thing!” and “I live in a basement apartment, it scared me!”

Another said: “I don’t think I will sleep for a while.”

The men say although the magnitude of the earthquake was only classified as a 3.0, it felt much more powerful and the impact was something unforgettable.

“Like your phone would vibrate, but it was through my whole body,” Ward said. “It shook our house and anything we had on the walls shook too.”

Lloyd says he’s grateful the impact was minimal, but that it’s important to know the proper measures to take.

“You’d want to be outside, away from the building in case anything comes off the building,” said Lloyd.

He also says if you must stay inside, protect yourself by standing in a doorway should things begin to fall.

There were no reports of damage but the scare was enough for some.

“Trust me, that is nothing minimal like you think it is,” St. Onge said. “It is enough to shake you to your core.”

A small impact but with a big bang…and a moment that left many in disbelief.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kate Walker.

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