Eddie Jackson Reacts to His Win

Hear from Eddie Jackson as he reacts to his emotional victory and looks back on his Food Network Star journey.

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24 Replies to “Eddie Jackson Reacts to His Win”

  1. I liked him in the beginning but he was very inconsistent. I'm super surprised that Jay didn't win since he was by far the most consistent! I noticed a lot of these shows always gives it to the person who shows the most improvement and not the one who's really good from the get-go. Hint for future competitors: act like you really suck in the beginning and then you show your true talent when you're close to the finish line:-/

  2. Fake show ! They knew from the beginning he is the one. !!!!!!:)and what is going on with Giada and her boobs :))!!! For God sake this is cooking show not movies and red carpet!!! I am not a fan of her anymore!!!!

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