Edmonton man’s hilarious reaction to seeing himself on a billboard

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When Brendan Bachewich went to meet his friends at Borden Park, he unexpectedly saw a photo of himself blown up on a billboard advertising for K-Days.

“I think it’s hilarious and amazing,” he said. “It’s weird to have a candid moment of you put out for the whole city to see.”

His friends spotted the image on other K-Days advertising material and had told him about it beforehand, but he said it was still surprising to see such a large image of himself.

The photo was taken at one of the rodeo events last summer, but Bachewich can’t remember what brought on the smile.

“It must have been a highlight or something at the rodeo, but I can’t imagine what would make me so delighted to smile like that, but it happened.”

Carson Mills, a communications manager with Northlands, said K-Days prefers to use photos of everyday people at the events, instead of staging the picture.

“This guy is totally embracing the spirit. He’s a good ambassador, whether he meant to be or not,” Mills said.

People who attend the exhibition automatically grant Northlands permission to use their image and/or likeness for broadcast or marketing promotion. The disclaimer is found on its website, tickets, on-site and maps.

Bachewich isn’t receiving any financial compensation for having his photo used, but he jokingly requested to be a part of the K-Days parade and to have a shirt with the photo printed on it. 

K-Days returns to Northlands July 20 to 29.

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