English Muffins Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 651

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48 Replies to “English Muffins Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 651”

  1. I really love your recipes but I would appreciate if you list all ingredients here that will help a lot and save time to look on to your webpage 👍🏻

  2. Hi I was making English muffin and I really liked your recipe and I measured all my ingredients have them all in front of me and I started mixing all my ingredients and I found the dough was very dry too much flour and not enough liquid and I had to add milk in my mixer why the dough was already hard so I just hope my English muffins turned out okay but it's funny because this is happened to me so many times and I follow a lot of other people on YouTube which I like the recipes and when it comes to measuring the floorI always find it's always too much flour and not enough liquid and I even do them twice and it's the same thing either it's too much flour or not enough liquid

  3. You should do a video showing your real kitchen. Because this is your studio kitchen that you built for filming correct. Also how many recipes do you record at once?

  4. Look… I like you a lot and I watch your videos often but honestly most of your English food recipes have little to nothing to do with what things actually are.
    you used a ton of ingredients that have nothing to do with English muffins and you used an oven.
    it's perfectly fine to experiment and prefer your own recipes but there is a line where once you cross it it is no longer the same thing and thus requires a new name.
    even worse were your hot cross buns where instead of white dough (the cross) you used sugar. You then used candied pill and other things that by the end of it one is left to wonder what the hell is even left about it to justify the title? Close to nothing if anything at all.
    I mean, if I decide to make an omelette without eggs does it make any sense at all to call it an omelette?
    again… I don't mean to be hard or come off as too negative but I think it's misleading to name something as one thing only to make something else entirely where the only common denominator is that both have flour in them but frankly… That's where the similarities end.

  5. You are such a great cook and I predict you will be a big sensation someday. Not that you are not already a sensation, but I mean a tv star. If I were an agent, I would make sure you were on tv regularly.

  6. can the whole milk be replaced with a vegan option? along with the egg replaced with apple sauce/banana? or will it make a huge difference?

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