Everything You Need to Know About Indian Cuisine

Don’t be afraid to dine out at an Indian restaurant. Explore the rich and spicy flavors of India with this guide to the wonderful world of Indian cuisine.

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16 Replies to “Everything You Need to Know About Indian Cuisine”

  1. Typically indian food starts with appetizers and soups. Drinks are normally used to calm your palate when having hot food. Breads and rice are accompaniments for the main course. Some variations of breads and rices (biryani for example) are good enough for main course by themselves. Those are normally accompanied by curd based items or mildly spiced curries.

    Desserts are really sweet though. So, normally people use very little amount of desserts in their meals. Drinks like lassi are more of a dessert btw.

    So, to ensure that your palate doesn't burn due to spices, here is a typical meal served during feasts.
    1) Soup and small snacks
    2) Appetizers (chicken tikka, samosa etc)
    3) Main dish along with assortment of breads and a drink to go along.
    4) Rice and stews (generally dal or sambhar)
    5) Desserts

    In case of 7 courses, desserts and appetizers are repeated, pretty much like any other cuisine.

    So, yeah, this was the dumbest way to eat any cuisine. Cold drink to start a meal is the worst thing to do with your appetite and digestive system. Cold drinks like lassi calms your stomach down a lot and then hot food will cause bad heartburns and acidity. So, for your own sake, don't follow advice in this video unless you want to stay in the toilet for hours.

  2. am An Indian and just to say licking your finger isn't disrespectful, it's actually considered quite of a compliment for many chefs, And also if your taste buds are burning I have few dishes for you

    rasgulla – tasty ball white ball of sweet water (cold)

    kagukaatli – a nutty candy made with cashews.

  3. True authentic Indian food is typically vegetarian, most people from India are either ovo-lacto vegetarian or completely vegan. So any restaurant serving chicken or anything crazy like lamb isn't really genuine Indian food in my eyes. Meat is only eaten by a minority in India, and usually not by Indians.

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