Everything You Need to Know About Thai Cuisine

Take a tour of a traditional Thai food experience. Try these tips and tricks to an expert in Thai cuisine.

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13 Replies to “Everything You Need to Know About Thai Cuisine”

  1. I agree with Kikabyte.If you going do a review of food,whether it is Asian,European or Med/MidEastern, you should be able to say the dishes correctly.This person just read off of some script, got her check and went home.Just lazy.

  2. Actually, Papaya Salad is in the video at 1:50. However, 80% of Thai dishes are pronounced wrong. I am Thai and I have difficulty understanding what dish she is trying to explain. Sorry…

  3. you should really have asked a native speaker to help with some of those pronunciation.  ouch.

    as the fella below said, if you are going to discuss northeast cuisine, papaya salad and larb should have been brought up.  sticky rice would not have been paired with some of the main dishes brought up.

  4. I'm glad your channel did a video on Thai cuisine. I'm Thai American, and I think Thai food is the best cuisine! I'm' getting hungry after watching your video. Thanks for making this video. Have a nice week! 🙂

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