Father of freed Taliban hostage lashes out at her ‘unconscionable’ Canadian husband for taking …

Father of freed Taliban hostage lashes out at her ‘unconscionable’ Canadian husband for taking her to Afghanistan and slams him for snubbing US military plane ride home.

The father of freed Taliban hostage Caitlan Coleman has blamed her Canadian husband for her kidnapping five years ago.
James Coleman said it was ‘unconscionable’ for son-in-law Joshua Boyle to take Caitlan to Kabul, Afghanistan, without telling either of their families when she was five-months pregnant in 2012.
‘What I can say is taking your pregnant wife to a very dangerous place, to me, the kind of person that I am, is unconscionable,’ he told Good Morning America on Friday, a day after the pair were rescued along with the three children they had in captivity.
Coleman, who lives in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, also criticized Boyle, 34, for refusing to board a C-130 US military plane which was ready to take them home on Thursday.
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Instead, the family insisted on traveling on a commercial flight with Canadian officials.

‘I don’t know what five years in captivity would do to somebody but if it were me and I saw a US aircraft and US soldiers, I’d be running for it,’ he said.
Coleman added that President Trump should be given ‘full credit’ for the family’s rescue, which was carried out by Pakistani troops at the behest of US intelligence officers.
On Thursday night, Boyle told The Toronto Star in a telephone interview that he and his family would return to Canada to start their new life.
‘We’re looking forward to a new lease on life, to use an overused idiom, and restarting and being able to build a sanctuary for our children and our family in North America,’ he said.
He also spoke of the ‘betrayal’ they had experienced over the last five years which he said left him ‘psychologically and physically shattered’.
Canadian officials have said nothing to celebrate his release since it was announced on Thursday morning.
By contrast, President Trump, his Chief of Staff and the State Department have all spoken of their relief that the family has been freed.
Trump has described the rescue as a sign of improved relations between Pakistan and the US.
Pakistani troops were mobilized on Wednesday night after receiving intelligence from US agencies that the family were being moved by their captors.
They intercepted their vehicle in Kurram, which is 165 miles across the border from Kabul, and found the family in the trunk of the car.
Accounts vary on how long they had been in the country. Pakistani officials say they only crossed over from Afghanistan that night whereas US and Canadian officials said they may have been in Pakistan since 2015.
Trump has long accused Pakistan’s government of fostering and enabling terrorist organizations such as the Haqqani network.
Caitlan Coleman isn’t Joshua Boyle’s first wife, in fact, the Canadian son of a judge was previously married to a woman with terror links
Boyle was previously married to Zaynab Khadr – the sister of Canadian Omar Khadr who was held at Guantanamo Bay for war crimes.
He was one of the youngest held at the camp after being captured aged just 15
The teen was accused of killing American soldier Sgt Christopher Speer with a hand grenade in Afghanistan in 2002 and planting mines to target US vehicles
In 2010, he pleaded guilty to war crimes and murder in a plea deal which resulted in an eight year sentence
He is serving the remainder of his sentence in a medium security facility in Alberta after being transferred in 2012
His legal appeals continue.
His eldest sister Zaynab was an outspoken campaigner for her brother’s release and Joshua Boyle worked as the family spokesman
According to Canadian reports their father, Ahmed, was a close friend of Osama bin Laden
He died in a fire-fight with Pakistan forces on the Afghan border
It is alleged that bin Laden attended Zaynab’s first marriage in Afghanistan before she divorced and met Boyle
In light of these links, a Conservative politician dubbed them ‘Canada’s first family of terrorism’ and called for their deportation
Boyle and Khadr were married just a year before they split. A year later Boyle married Coleman
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