FNUniv lecturer predicts less Indigenous voters to cast ballots in 2019

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A lecturer from Regina is predicting less Indigenous people will vote in the 2019 Canadian Federal Election then in 2015, because Indigenous Canadians may be tired of the relationship with the current government.

“The only reason I think it’s going to be lower, is because there is more apathy this time around, because the liberals are already in, there seemed to be a common enemy they were trying to get out,” First Nations University of Canada administration lecturer Jason Bird said.

Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde outlined election priorities Monday morning, saying the top issue facing all Canadians is climate change.

Bird agrees the top priority for the election should be a focus on climate change solutions involving indigenous people, but feels Indigenous people in Canada may want to see a different party in government.

“But after four years, some of those feelings have sullied towards the liberals, and which parties are you left with? The Greens or the NDP. Now that leaves you with a decision of like I don’t know which one to vote for because I don’t know who’s going to win where,” Bird said.

In the last federal election, 61.5 per cent of eligible Indigenous voters cast ballots.

Bellegarde did not endorse a specific party, but urges all First Nations Canadians to get out and vote. No matter which party wins in October, Bellegarde says Indigenous people must have a role in setting the agenda for the next government.

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