Focaccia Bread Recipe Video – Laura Vitale “Laura In The Kitchen” Episode 35

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33 Replies to “Focaccia Bread Recipe Video – Laura Vitale “Laura In The Kitchen” Episode 35”

  1. Thanks Laura for recipe of Focaccia I've used anther topping for my Focaccia ,thanks again ur all your ideas my focaccia come out amazing !!!ย 
    thankyou , Jose from Brighton UK

  2. Thank you so much for your recipe. I tried it last night and fell in love with the bread. I made it again today and am thinking of making yet another one later. Think I am addicted to focaccia bread making… Thanks again for the awesome simple recipe and an awesome cheery video.

  3. Recently you had a knife video. Could you tell me what length your favorite Chef/Cooks knife is. And what brand? I have recently bought some really good knives Wustof and Henkles for some I liked one brand & others I liked the Hinkles brand. But I'm curious as to the length you like. I have 2 and one is 8 in. and the other is 6. One handle feels good for one thing & the other or longer knife the handle is more secure in another brand. It can get really hard to pick. Thanx luv the show.

  4. Oh and one night of refrigeration is often ideal for flavor. I usually mix blended olive oil and garlic into the dough after letting it sit a bit in blender with flour fully mixed.

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