FOOD DEBATE: Fresh or Canned Cranberry Sauce? 🤔Food Network

When it comes to Thanksgiving food, we don’t joke around.

Fresh or canned cranberry sauce? Matt and Chanel take this heated debate to the streets!

What’s your opinion? Sound off in the comments!

Check back for a new episode next Wednesday!

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23 Replies to “FOOD DEBATE: Fresh or Canned Cranberry Sauce? 🤔Food Network”

  1. This wasn't a fair comparison. Cranberry sauce isn't the same cranberry jelly. But of the 2, I pick the jelly. And there are some canned jelly that are high fructose corn syrup free.

  2. Canned. The fresh stuff is nasty. Everyone adds stuff that is unnecessary, like nuts, raisins, oranges… WTF? Maybe if all you fresh lovers stopped making your sauce so nasty people could actually enjoy the CRANBERRIES. 

    But, like a terrible orchestra conductor, people who make fresh will always feel the need to put their personal interpretation on the recipe, and that ruins it. Why? Do you feel the need to dump limp slices of orange in the green beans? Do you put raisins in the turkey's butt, too? How about some nice chili-mocha-mango mashed potatoes?

    Also, YOU NEED TO COOK THE BERRIES UNTIL THEY POP or you have RUINED the stuff. The biggest issue I have with fresh made cranberry sauce is that it has not been prepared correctly. PECTIN, folks! Learn how to release it so that you get the proper consistency of sauce.

    Until I can find one decent example that has not been crapped in by some Julia Childs wannabe I will stick with canned stuff. I LIKE canned.

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