Guy Fieri Feels the HEAT in this Spicy Three-Pepper Firehouse Burger (from #DDD) | Food Network

Firehouse sauce is made up of THREE PEPPERS — serrano, jalapeño AND habanero!

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32 Replies to “Guy Fieri Feels the HEAT in this Spicy Three-Pepper Firehouse Burger (from #DDD) | Food Network”

  1. I love this show diners drive-INs and dives. It's literally on the TV in the livingRoom right now. 10am Cali time. guy make everything look even more tastier than it is & im pretty sure these dishes are pretty tasty😋😋😉

  2. One bite would land me in the hospital!!! I used to love spicy, well…technically I still do, but it doesn't love me back anymore. Allergies to chili peppers suk!

  3. Thousands of spices covering a range of taste and about 10 years ago it was reduced the pepper. Why? Does it really matter what else you put in the recipe. All you taste is peppers before your taste buds die. Can't really call that cooking.

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