Guy Fieri Tries Flavor-Packed Indonesian Semur Daging | Food Network

This Indonesian dish is made up of sauteed sirloin, sweet soy sauce and house-made sambal, and it packs some intense flavor and spice!

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46 Replies to “Guy Fieri Tries Flavor-Packed Indonesian Semur Daging | Food Network”

  1. Luckily he blended the galangal. When my grandmother used to make semur daging, she only crushed the galangal, so that when it was served anyone could be trapped. ๐Ÿ˜”

  2. Heheh…. some kind of magazine put Rendang as best food or something like that and Indonesians on the internet went overboard with promoting it.

    Majority of my Indonesian friends don't even like Rendang that much. It's very strong.

  3. Only 1 thing they forget when eating Indonesian food, that's "Kerupuk". That thing will make your food more delicious, crunchy, and fun. Trust me, lot of Indonesian people always eat with "kerupuk".

  4. Dutch never realized how vast is Indonesia is. Indonesian have different regions that have different way of cooking their food. Sulawesi regions is always known for its super hot and spicy food and its varieties of taboo game meat. Javanese is known for their sweet and spicy dish as of Moluccase is known for their stews and spicy fish soup. You can always find different food varieties in each islands. Reminds you it is 1500 islands with 1500 of traditions and ways of prepared food. Rijjstaffel is invented in Manado as way of serving the Dutch Meneer while on vacations there. So basically is a food spread that base on rice in the middle and food from all over Indonesia in the small bowl started from appetizer, main course and dessert all laid out. Also, it was brought to Suriname, Madagascar and South Africa by Indonesian coolies that was brought to work on Vanilla Plantation and some by Encim (Consort) or wife of the Dutch Meneerr. It becomes popular because one person don't have to travel to many places to enjoy food from that Indonesian regions. Spices is always needed no matter what. Before The Dutch; Chinese Merchant owns the right for Spices from our Islands before Portuguese find out the way to the spice islands therefore bypass the Silk Road.

  5. even if this guy shows the ingredients, the most difficult part is the amount to make a balance taste. working with that many spices is like carrying water jugs on a rope threading. if the amount wrong, it can turn weirdass taste

  6. Dont use colonial in coversation too often. It reminds folks of dutch 350 yrs of suppresdion of the natives and class discrimination. Dutch cooking is bland compared to. rich indo cuisine. Anything beyond huzarensla and risoles saucijs brood is a novelty. … ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  7. Interesting how hes using chillies i usually see in south american cooking bc hes adapting it with american ingredients. Well theyre still chillies anyway so i dont think itll matter but wah big dried chillies. Also guy you rock but thai-esque? Buddy ๐Ÿ˜…

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