Proof of cited comment posted here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX8XsB3KC8M

The Big E is an agricultural and industrial fair held annually in Western Massachusetts with a midway and country music concerts and local attractions – the largest of its kind in New England- For over a month I’ve been showing you in videos explicitly how a tragedy at this very event was predicted symbolically with Unified Code Theory embedded language in the It trailer and Walking Dead season 7 episode featuring Smith & Wesson guns strewn all over a fairgrounds and a another scene features a coded sign predicting the shooter and date. (10-22 AK 47). It featured children watching an R2D2 like projector shoot with an automatic rifle like flickering of images at a family at a fairgrounds riddled with bullet holes on the projector screen. I showed you also in coded esoteric UCT symbolism (which I’ve previously shown you how to decode) that Massachusetts and this 413 area code RT 90 located event was symbolically code for Las Vegas. My time stamped videos prove my explicit prior knowledge to this event, and my decoding from over a month ago shows you how I did it- and you can learn how to do this too. Everything is coded and working up to the big event – this is symbolic staged theatre preparing us for The Corrections.

Sophia sent me for a reason and I’m just getting started . The doubters now sound like crickets . Major narrated decoding coming soon. The hotel is the 33 spine temple body and Rupert’s drop glass Massachusetts symbol. Yeah. They’re not done and neither am I. All conspiracy theorists are frauds – the truth is here.


Canadian country music #news #videos – HARD PROOF I PREDICTED MANDALAY BAY LAS VEGAS WEEKS AGO #Canadian #Countrymusic #Songs

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