Heat advisory issued for much of Manitoba, could expand in coming days

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Published Friday, July 6, 2018 8:05PM CST

Last Updated Friday, July 6, 2018 8:11PM CST

The province has issued a heat advisory for southern and central Manitoba, as well as the communities of The Pas, Wanless, Westray and Clearwater Lake Provincial Park.

The heat advisory could be expanded to other areas of the province Saturday, according to a news release from Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living, as humidex values are expected to exceed 40 C.

The province said everyone is at risk, but older adults, people with chronic illnesses and those who live alone are especially vulnerable to heat illness, particularly if they live in an urban area or without air conditioning.

Manitobans are asked to take precautions to protect themselves and take care of others by checking in and making sure people who are ill or live alone are cool and drinking water.

The province said an in-person visit is better than a phone call, because it’s less likely that signs of heat illness could be missed.

The province also stresses that people and pets should never be left in a vehicle parked in direct sunlight.

Signs of heat illness to watch out for include: headache, skin that’s red, hot and dry, dizziness, confusion, nausea, a rapid weak pulse and loss of consciousness. Anyone with those symptoms should immediately move to a cool place and drink water, and if symptoms are severe, emergency medical care may be needed.

The province said the risk of death or permanent effects from the heat increases the longer a person’s body temperature sits above 40 C.

The province said to prevent heat illness, drink plenty of fluids before feeling thirsty, wear loose-fitting light clothing and a wide-brimmed hat, plan to be outdoors only during cooler parts of the day or cancel outdoor activities, limit intake of booze, avoid the sun, take a cool bath or shower and block sunlight from entering your home with curtains or blinds.

The province also suggests spending time in cool places such as malls, community centres, libraries or places of worship.

The city also suggested cooling off at libraries or spray pads, and said libraries would only be open regular hours.

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