Helmet use encouraged after Manitoba horse rider suffers serious head injury

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A Manitoba woman remains unconscious in hospital after a fall from a horse.Rebecca Fentum-Jones, 22, was out for a leisurely trail ride earlier this week when she suffered a serious head injury.

It’s been an agonizing ordeal for family and friends and it’s prompted them to share a safety message with others.

Fentum-Jones’ passion for horses runs deep.

She works as a groomer and is described by friends and family as an avid and experienced rider but earlier this week a routine outing had a devastating outcome.

Fentum-Jones’ boyfriend Richie Rodgers said she was out for a trail ride Sunday night with a friend while volunteering at a horse rescue near St. Malo.

He said she was coming out of a ditch onto a road when she fell and suffered a serious head injury.

“All they’ve been able to say is that her brain is severely injured and beyond that they can’t really assess how bad it is until she wakes up,” said Rodgers. “It sounds like the horse just stumbled and somehow she ended up face down.”

Fentum-Jones was transported by Stars Air Ambulance to Health Sciences Centre where she remains unconscious with her mom, dad and Rodgers watching over her.

Rodgers said the prognosis for Fentum-Jones remains unclear. It’s not known what kind of lasting impact the injury may have. Family and friends have remained by her side, hoping she wakes up soon.

“At the moment all we can say is that she’s stable,” said Rodgers. “She’s still getting help breathing and they’re still monitoring the pressure in her skull.”

“They’re just trying to keep her as comfortable as possible and hoping that she wakes up soon.”

Rodgers said Fentum-Jones usually wears a helmet and wants to remind others to do the same.

“We have been told that where her injury was located, where most of the damage was, it is likely that a helmet would’ve made a difference,” he said. “It shocked a lot of people to hear that she wasn’t wearing a helmet this time.”

Right now his main focus is simply being by Fentum-Jones’ side and waiting and hoping to hear something positive, soon.

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