Homemade Gazpacho Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 777

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22 Replies to “Homemade Gazpacho Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 777”

  1. this is gazpacho and anyone who says it's not has to remind themselves that recipes can be experimented with the gazpacho you like is probably different than the gazpacho another person likes there's no such thing as authentic food

  2. Gazpacho is a great recipe and perfect for summer time, but if you want to taste something reaaaaally amazing… try SALMOREJO! OOOOOOH MYYYYY GOOOOOD. 

  3. Lovely Gazpacho Laura. Ignore all the negative comments dear! You always say its your version & may not be authentic but if not for people like you that put your own spin on recipes, people like me would be scared to look outside the box & to cook different things! Thank you xo

  4. Every single time Laura posts something that isn't Italian/American she gets told off about how her recipe isn't authentic. So just cause she's Italian she can't make any other type of cuisine? That's ridiculous. And that's also the reason Laura has refrained from sharing recipes of other cuisines with us. The beauty of food is that everyone has their own version and this is Laura's. She's never once said this was "authentic Spanish Gazpacho" so why is everyone so upset? Laura, please don't take these comments to heart, I love when you make other cuisines and enjoy seeing your take on them! 

  5. LOL people are so ridiculous…Laura clearly stated its her way of making it..And besides I always change recipes around for example I hate vanilla extract, so i just do not put it in  its tastes better for me… Every person has different taste buds and their own preference:) People have some common sense and make it the way you like chunky or smooth..its not rocket science… LAURA KEEP UP THE AWESOME RECIPES!!! WE LOVE YOUR RECIPES!!! AND OF COURSE JOE'S HARD WORK WITH THE ELECTRONIC SIDE OF THE SHOW!

  6. Hi laura! I almost choked whem i sae that you made this recipe. I'm spanish and i think this is another delicious way of making it. I don't really understand why people get so upset about whether this is authentic gazpacho or not! You use almost the same ingredients we use here and i'm sure it tastes like heaven! Keep on doing what you do because you are THE ONE! You inspire us who want to devote our lives to cooking (in my case you have inspired me for years now!). You aimed for the moon and you got the stars because you have turned into one! Lots of kisses from your neighbors! 🙂

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