Homemade Napoleon Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 816

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47 Replies to “Homemade Napoleon Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 816”

  1. Hi Laura! You mention about the flavour of the sugar. Do you like the taste of coconut sugar? When I taste it, it reminds me of 'cinder toffee' – which we call 'honeycombe'. 🙂

  2. I don´t like the way to eat this dessert, I mean it must be a bit messy to cut it and eat it , but the look is great and they´re easy, anyway I don´t think I would be making these, unless I´m running a youtube channel like Laura 🙂

  3. Hi laura! I am your fan from malaysia! I really live your channel. Can you pls do s'mores pie? Or anything that is related with s'mores? Thanks!
    Sarah 😘

  4. Laura did u let ur custard cool before popping it in the fridge?? Coz ur obviously supposed to do that, i mean i knw that but maybe the other viewers wouldn't. You should mention it please thnx!

  5. Oh yes, just a different shape, lots more custard, glazed with some sugary stuff, and you have the typical Dutch 'tompouce'… at least, the pastry we love to share with foreign guest since it's a challenge to eat it without spilling anything 😉
    Love this pastry!

  6. those people that disliked this video are angry on Laura because she made them hungry…. how could you be that HANGRY and yes i am writing "hangry" on purpose

  7. Hey Laura, I wanna ask is using imitation vanilla flavor instead of vanilla bean paste ok? And how much I should use? .. since I live in a city that doesn't have vanilla paste 🙁

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