Homemade Profiteroles | Episode 1181

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37 Replies to “Homemade Profiteroles | Episode 1181”

  1. Thank you so much for this gorgeous recipe Laura! ❤ I made these yesterday and shared them with my class mates and my teachers. All of them couldnt stop praising and complimenting me on how good they are! 😍 All credit goes to you! I was so nervous before serving but hey, Laura never fails! 😍😍👌

  2. I made them and they were amazing. My 11year old son loves watching your videos, and when he seen I was trying out your recipe he wanted to help too. Heehee…. I want to post a pic of it but where do I do that?

  3. Ever since watching your videos, cooking for my family has improved so much. My family is from Italy and unfortunately they don't teach me much of their delicious cooking. You cook these dishes with passion which makes it so much fun to watch. I also love that these videos are short and sweet

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