Homemade Salisbury Steaks Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 886

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31 Replies to “Homemade Salisbury Steaks Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 886”

  1. Hi Laura, I did yours Meatballs receipt and they where Fantastic!!!! I have follow you for years from UK I'm Spanish and did have Restaurants in UK and
    Spain a few years back not anymore as I'm retired but love cooking still. Keep on with your good Job!!!
    Carlos Hidalgo.

  2. Can’t you use chopped or tenderized steak instead of burger?? And also use Campbells tomato soup. Season however you like. For me, just salt & pepper. No mushrooms please, & maybe just a little grated onion. Looking good once again.

  3. That looks so good. I just love you, Laura. I always look around and view a recipe but then I come and see if you have the same recipe because I like your tips.
    I would like a cast iron tutorial. Going to check out if you have one right now!

  4. This video recently popped up on my feed. I'll be preparing this for dinner tomorrow. I have to adjust the recipe as there is no where near enough sauce/gravy for my liking though.

  5. So i haven't check if you have an explanAtion or more videos with cast irons or enameled cast irons, i just got 2 of them and will love to s watch more cooking/recipe videos with it please😬😍

  6. I've been all over the world and lived in every major country.
    As a 74 year old photography expert. I now announce that Mrs. Vitale is the most beautiful woman currently on earth.
    Happy Valentines day laura !

  7. Hello Laura. I would be very interested to learn about the caste iron skillet. I frequented a "Brasserie" when I lived in Paris .. and they used a caste-iron skillet in their small kitchen and it acted so much like any non-stick skillet we use in North America .. the skillet was definitely well used and quite remarkable.

  8. You were doing so well until you mentioned "Ketchup". People are trying to get away from processed food. Laura…I enjoy watching your recipes but as an Italian, I'm sure you could come up with something better than K______p, Tomato Paste,Tomatoes pureed, anything.

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