Homemade Vanilla Cake from Scratch – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 146

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42 Replies to “Homemade Vanilla Cake from Scratch – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 146”

  1. I just made your snickerdoodle cookies easy and simple and tasty I like it warm and hot just out of the oven thank you I'm going to go and try the rest of all your recipes I did subscribe to your Channel

  2. Thanks a million for your wonderful recipes and videos. Please how can I bake this cake with no milk at all and still achieve the same moist, fluffy and soft texture? Can I apply it to your other cake and cup cake recipes? What can I do to avoid thick batter as a result of milk omission? Thanks ma'am.

  3. I made this and the chocolate ganache for my grandma after her trip to Ethiopia. She wouldn't stop complementing me about how good it was. Definitely making this again.

  4. Hi this is my 1st time baking a cake i had a quick question that the middle of my cake is shaky n when i put the toothpick in it the toothpick is clean so is my cake baked or not ?

  5. Every time I watch her videos, I notice she makes a large amount of whatever it is that she makes, then I wonder what she does with that food? I mean that's too much food to even eat as left overs. I'm hella weird, but hey questions are questions.

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