How to Caramelize Onions Like a Pro | Food Network

Sweet, golden-brown caramelized onions take just a few simple steps.

Follow our step-by-step guide:

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26 Replies to “How to Caramelize Onions Like a Pro | Food Network”

  1. Sautee these for 45 min at least and use red onions. Don't forget to throw a knob of butter in towards the end and deglaze the pan with a good beer. I could eat these with a spoon

  2. Hey! You left out just how high the heat should be when starting out. THEN what's the olive oil to onions ratio? 10 to 15 minutes over medium high? Medium? Low?

  3. Americans make letters silent for no reason.
    The second 'a' in 'caramelise' is not silent.
    It's caramelise , not "carmelise"
    Americans also make d and t silent .
    Instead of potato they say pota-o .
    'didn't' becomes di-n't
    Makes me cringe every time I hear it.

  4. When the onions are golden u could always add thin sliced potato, finely chopped parsley and then cook till soft and colourful adding a little butter to help them cook and give them more colour and then u have a good side dish to go with your meal or as a tasty snack however would go good with green beans and a meat like pork 😅

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